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For over 125 years, the team of experienced attorneys at Adams Law has worked hard to serve clients in a number of different practice areas. We assist individuals, governments, and businesses on everyday issues they face as well as problems that may seem to come up out of nowhere.

Learning about who we are – and what we do – will help you decide if you want to work with us on your legal issue.

About Adams Law

Adams Law is a full-service law firm with all the technological capabilities and experience of a larger firm. We personally interact with clients and attend to their needs, whether these needs are simple and straightforward or complicated and confusing. Our team is dedicated to helping clients solve their issues in an efficient and effective manner and assisting them with reaching their goals.

Often, clients will come to us because they have a specific legal need they’ve never dealt with before, such as being named in a lawsuit and having to figure out the proper defense. They may also be a plaintiff in a case and are seeking justice and compensation. Another scenario is that they need help planning for the future or assistance with everyday issues that come up in their work.

No matter what our clients are dealing with, we sit down with them and provide personal care throughout every stage of the legal process. We are open and honest about what’s going on and what to expect and can help clients figure out a strategy moving forward.

Since we are a full-service firm, our clients feel comfortable contacting us with any and all questions and concerns because they know they’ll receive excellent representation in return. Our attorneys are amicable, accessible, and available to clients. There is no red tape or bureaucracy here at Adams Law, which makes the client experience that much better.

Practice Areas

Adams Law is comprised of attorneys working in different capacities in a multitude of practice areas. We have experience with individuals, businesses, and government entities alike.

If you have a legal need don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Contact us anytime at 859-394-6200 or [email protected].

Government Law

We provide general counsel including consultation, advice, and representation to our local government clients. The attorneys in our government practice area are skilled litigators and regularly work with cities, counties, school districts, and other local governments in all areas of litigation in state and federal courts. We work with the government not only because we have years of experience with the issues they face, but also because we believe in giving back to and supporting our local communities.

We help with government issues like:

Policy development: When governments need help constructing new policies or revising outdated policies, we can help.

Ramifications of proposed legislative or administrative actions: We work with governments to figure out what possible issues could come up when they propose new legislation or take certain administrative actions.

Public bidding and procurement: We help governments when they decide to purchase from private companies and assist in determining the right deals so that they can preserve taxpayer dollars.

Drafting revised statutes and proposed legislation: When statues and legislation are stalled because they need changes or fixes, we can assist with the revision process.

Drafting ordinances, regulations, and interlocal agreements: We can create documents that different governments use when undertaking transactions with one another.

Drafting real estate purchase contracts, easement acquisitions, and preparation: We create real estate documents and help with the process for procuring new buildings and developments for governments.

Property acquisitions, zoning, condemnation, and eminent domain: We assist with issues that come up when dealing with private properties and securing new government lands.

Student rights: We take on issues involving students in government-run schools.

Teacher tenure: We deal with teacher tenure concerns that arise in government-run schools.

Certification: We ensure that government workers are properly certified and can function in government settings without issue.

Employment issues, including FMLA, ADA, and wage and hour disputes: As Kentucky employment lawyers, we can solve problems that governments may have with employees and employment law.

Open records and open meetings law: We help determine what records and meetings must be made available to the public.

Special education matters arising under Kentucky Administrative Regulations and IDEA: We help with issues that arise in the education system for individuals with disabilities.

Taxation and creation of nonprofit foundations: We help with forming new nonprofit foundations and navigate the tax issues that need to be considered.

FERPA: We assist with issues that may arise regarding the privacy of students’ education records.

General regulatory compliance: We ensure governments are fully compliant with the law and regulations they are required to follow.

Cable law and cable regulation: We look into whether or not cable providers are compliant with government regulations.

Franchise negotiations: We help private franchises and government entities work out deals.

Board management issues: We are there when boards seek help with problems that come up on an everyday basis.

Public sector litigation: We’re there for businesses that need help with government-related cases.


Personal Injury, Family Law & Criminal Defense

We will take legal action for clients who are facing a number of different issues and aim to reach settlements before clients ever have to think about having to go to court. That way, clients can focus on healing from accidents and getting their lives back on track as quickly as possible.

That being said, we can provide representation in the following areas:

Product liability: When a client buys a defective product and they are subsequently injured because of this product, we can pursue legal action against the manufacturer who was responsible for the defect.

Professional negligence: If a client hired a professional who did not follow through with promises they made, we can help them pursue a lawsuit to hopefully recoup their losses.

Premises liability/slip and fall: If a client was on private property and slipped and fell or was otherwise injured, we could start a lawsuit and attempt to prove that the private property owner was aware of the dangers and responsible for the client’s injury.

Motor vehicle accidents: Whether a client was hit while driving or while they were walking or biking, we can help them.

Truck accidents: If a truck hits a client and causes injury, we can pursue legal action against the truck driver and/or their employer and insurance provider to cover medical costs and other damages.

Employer torts: If a client was wronged in the workplace, we can guide them on the legal action they should pursue.

Workplace injuries: If a client was injured in the workplace, we can pursue a workers’ compensation claim and/or further legal action.

Medical malpractice: If a healthcare professional injured or seriously harmed a client in a medical malpractice scenario, we can help. This could include injuries that occurred during surgery or a client receiving the wrong prescription for an illness.

Dog bites: If a dog bit a client, we can pursue legal action against the dog’s owner.

Wrongful death: If a client’s loved one died in an accident, we can represent the client who is seeking justice and compensation.

Family Law: Our attorneys know that these are emotional issues, and we’ll assist you and your family with navigating them.

  • Domestic violence: If you are involved in a domestic violence situation, we are here for you.
  • Divorce: We can assist with every aspect of the divorce process, from filing to mediation and going to court if necessary.
  • Child support, child custody, and visitation: We help parents figure out the path moving forward with child custody and visitation rights as well as determining who pays child support.
  • Parental rights and paternity suits: We assist with determining who the father of the child is and what sort of legal action needs to be taken once that information is discovered.
  • Emancipation of minors: If minors wish to be freed from their parents or guardians, we can look into this option for them.

Criminal Defense: We help with the following:

  • DUI, including DWI, OVI, and other drunk driving charges: If you received a DUI or another drunk driving charge, we can defend you in court.
  • Traffic violations, and if you are an out-of-state driver charged with speeding or DUI: We may be able to appear in court for you and help with lowering your ticket costs.
  • Domestic violence: If you were accused of domestic violence, we can compile evidence and defend you.
  • Computer crimes, including internet fraud, luring, identity theft, and internet sex crimes: If you have been accused of any internet-related crimes, we are here to provide assistance.
  • Juvenile offenses including theft, vandalism, DUI, and minor in possession: If your child was accused of a crime, we can look at all the facts and determine our line of defense.
  • White-collar crime, including fraud and embezzlement: We can stand up for you if you have been accused of any white-collar crimes.
  • Criminal appeals: We can appeal the outcome of your criminal case if you do not find it favorable.

Estate Planning & Probate

Family issues can become complicated and planning for the future may be difficult to do. But we’re here for individuals and families every step of the way when it comes to end-of-life planning.

We can assist with:

Power of attorney documents: We can help clients figure out who will have power of attorney over an estate once a loved one is deceased, as well as assist with the probate process.

Wills and trusts: We can create and modify wills and trusts as needed.

Living wills for healthcare directives and appointing healthcare surrogates: We can help individuals determine what to do if they were to become incapacitated and who will make medical decisions on their behalf.

Tax planning and successionWe can help you plan for the financial future of your larger estates or businesses.


Whether we’re working with businesses or governments, we can assist with different areas concerning employment.

These areas can include:

Developing, implementing, and updating personnel policies, employee handbooks, and employee benefit plans: We assist with creating and revising employees’ handbooks, which guide how employers and employees perform in the workplace, as well as employees’ benefit plans like healthcare, 401(k) matching, vacation time and more.

Navigating local, state, and federal regulations: We ensure that employers are compliant with employment laws.

Commercial Litigation

We provide commercial litigation to businesses that need help with a variety of issues like:

Insurance defense: As insurance defense litigation lawyers, we represent companies handling insurance claims.

Business litigation: We help with claims that arise in business transactions.

Construction litigation: We represent businesses that are facing legal issues with their construction projects.

Business Representation

Here at Adams Law, we have a staff of business litigation lawyers who work with all types of businesses, whether they’re small companies or large corporate entities.

We assist with issues like:

Financial law: We help with investment management, derivatives and other areas of financial law.

Bankruptcy and reorganization: If a business needs to file for bankruptcy, we can guide them through that process and advise them on the courses of action.

UCC litigation: If there are issues with commercial transactions, we can step in and assist with solving them.

Regulatory compliance: We guide businesses on how to be compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.

Real Estate

Whether you’re an individual, business leader, or government representative who needs assistance with real estate matters, you can count on the real estate lawyers at Adams Law to help with the following issues:

Purchase/sale of property: We provide title opinions, Kentucky and Ohio Title Insurance, representation at closings, and 1031 Exchanges.

Contracts: We create and manage purchase contracts, land contracts, lease with option purchases, and lease agreements.

Closing representation: We’re there for our clients at closing and review documents and provide counseling for purchases, sellers, and mortgage lenders.  We help with first and second mortgage closing.

Property investment: We assist with the negotiating process as well as looking into zoning issues that could potentially arise.

Financing: We represent regional and community lending institutions with financing for real estate.

Transactions: We offer title review and advise on insurance of the title. We can also provide closing services on-site at the time that clients seal the deal.

Contracts and drafting: We construct the correct legal documents for purchasing and leasing real estate and the subdivision declarations of covenants and restrictions.

Reaching Out to Adams Law

If you need help in any of these practice areas, Adams Law is here for you. We can provide a number of different services like counseling, advice, mediation, litigation, representation in court, drafting and reviewing documents, solving disputes, and much more.

As soon as you contact us, we’ll have an initial consultation where we’ll ask you questions about the issue you are dealing with and how we can be of assistance to you. We will listen intently and be there for you at all times should you have any follow-up questions or concerns.

To get started with Adams Law and see how we can help, you can call us anytime at (859) 394-6200 or email us at [email protected].

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