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Most of us find ourselves behind the wheel of our vehicles every day—or at least regularly. We take the children to school, drive to and from work, run our errands, drive to recreational activities, and visit our family and friends. We often share the road with large commercial trucks. When a smaller passenger vehicle is engaged in an accident with a large commercial truck, there is a high likelihood of severe injuries or death due to the disparity in size. A large commercial truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds fully loaded instead of a passenger vehicle weighing between 2,500 and 3,500 pounds. If the truck happens to be carrying hazardous cargo, the threat is exponentially multiplied.  Those injured must speak to a truck accident attorney as quickly as possible when a truck accident occurs.

The trucking company likely has many attorneys waiting in the wings to “circle the wagons,” so to speak, thus minimizing the payout. When you have a truck accident attorney from Adams Law by your side, you can use your time to heal from your injuries rather than dealing with the legalities of the situation. Truck accidents tend to be complex, as there can be more than one defendant. We will fight for your rights and your future from the moment we are on board. We understand that your life changed in an instant through no fault of your own, and we will do everything in our power to ensure a positive outcome.

The Complexities of Trucking Accidents and Why a Truck Accident Attorney is Crucial

Because there is likely to be more than one defendant in a trucking accident, these cases are well-known for being particularly complicated. Perhaps the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel, was distracted for a critical moment, failed to secure the cargo on the truck, or was simply driving negligently or recklessly. On the other hand, maybe the trucking company hired an inexperienced driver or knowingly allowed their driver to put in more hours behind the wheel than the law allows.

The company that manufactured the truck could be responsible for a specific defect that led to the accident. The company or person charged with maintaining the truck could have been negligent in those duties. The company responsible for securing the cargo could have neglected their duties, or the manufacturer of the brakes or tires may be deemed responsible for the accident. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, the responsible party could end up being one of these entities or persons or a combination.

What Causes Kentucky Trucking Accidents?

One of the primary causes of trucking accidents is exhausted drivers. Drivers are not paid unless they are behind the wheel delivering a load. Trucking companies have little interest in ensuring their drivers take regular breaks as their company’s financial bottom line depends on how fast each load is delivered. Like any driver, truckers can be distracted by any number of things; their surroundings, phone, radio, GPS device, or the food they are eating while driving.

These same distractions cause hundreds of thousands of car accidents across the United States—the only difference is that an 80,000-pound truck can cause significant damage and devastation to a much smaller automobile and the passengers inside. Drivers of passenger vehicles also bear some responsibility for trucking accidents; many drivers are unaware of the trucker’s blind spots or may drive too closely behind the truck. Poor road design, adverse road conditions, and inclement weather can contribute to a potentially fatal accident.

Trucking companies may be so anxious to get more drivers on the road that they fail to vet their employees fully. They may not do a thorough background check, could hire a driver with prior driving infractions, or may hire a driver that has not been properly trained. When cargo is not properly secured, serious accidents can occur when the cargo shifts or even falls off the truck. In some instances, the truck may not have been properly maintained. Therefore, the brakes or the tires could fail to function, causing a serious accident.

What Should You Do Immediately Following a Truck Accident?

Those who survive a collision with a large commercial truck are likely to be left with extremely serious injuries. These injuries can change their lives forever. They may be unable to return to work for weeks, months, or even forever, meaning they can no longer make a living and pay their normal monthly bills. Medical bills may be mounting alarmingly, leaving the truck accident victims feeling anxious, frustrated, and even angry that the negligence of another led to their current situation. The right way to deal with the aftermath of a trucking accident is to immediately consult a highly experienced truck accident attorney with significant experience and legal skills in this area.

Immediately following your northern Kentucky truck accident, you must do the following to protect your future and your rights:

  • Contact the police and emergency services if you are physically able. The police officer will assess the situation, fill out an accident report, and get you needed help. Later, you can request a copy of the accident report for your records.
  • Seek medical treatment for yourself and anyone injured in the crash. Even if you feel you are not that badly injured, remember the rush of adrenaline flooding your body at the time of the crash can mask your injuries. Let a medical professional check you out, and always follow through with all treatment recommendations.
  • If you are physically able, take photos of the accident scene with your cellphone. This can include the truck that hit you, the truck’s license plate, the damage to your vehicle, and the surroundings. Exchange information with the truck driver, including insurance information.
  • If there were witnesses to the accident, get their contact information. This can be invaluable information for your truck accident attorney in proving fault.
  • When you are home, contact your insurance company and provide the basic facts of the accident. If you are contacted by an insurance adjuster for the trucking company, be very careful what you say. Even better, hire a truck accident attorney immediately so they can handle those phone calls, giving you one less thing to worry about. If the adjuster asks for a recorded or written statement before you have a truck accident attorney, decline While you are required to cooperate with the insurance company, you are not required to provide a statement.

Why You Need an Attorney from Adams Law

The truck accident attorneys at Adams Law can help those in Northern Kentucky and Ohio that has been involved in a truck accident. We are aware of the devastation caused by a truck accident—catastrophic injuries in some cases, or even death. Few of those involved in a truck accident will walk away unscathed and may have traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, severe fractures, disfigurement, burns, internal injuries, and a wide range of less serious injuries that can nonetheless require surgical procedures and months or years of rehabilitative therapies. Contact the experienced truck accident attorneys at Adams Law for the legal representation you need and deserve.

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