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Aaren E. Meehan

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Aaren E. Meehan is an Associate attorney with the firm, working in the firm’s Litigation Practice Group.  For the last 8 years, she has worked as a sole practitioner in domestic relations, personal injury, and litigation.  She has been a Member of the Hamilton County Dependency, Neglect and Abuse Panel since 2016.

Aaren attended and graduated from the University of Louisville in 2008 with a BA degree, from the University of Cincinnati in 2009 with an MS degree, and from Salmon P. Chase College of Law in 2014 with her JD degree.   She resides in Crestview Hills, Kentucky.

When dealing with family law issues, including divorce, child custody, child support, parental rights, paternity, domestic violence, your attorney need to stand by you and advise you on how you can legally solve your problems.  Aaren Meehan is an experienced domestic relations attorney in both Ohio and Kentucky.  This area law is complex and varies from state to state, and jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  Aaren knows the law, courts and its personnel, and she can assist you with creative solutions. Aaren is collaboratively trained and able to offer clients various approaches to dissolving their marriages.

If you need a domestic relations attorney, you may reach out to Aaren Meehan at 859-394-6200 or [email protected].

The representation of minors in the juvenile criminal courts requires unique skills and experience.  Since 2014 Aaren Meehan has worked to defend minors in juvenile court proceedings.  Aaren is a trained Guardian ad Litem in Ohio and has served children in that capacity since 2015. Aaren is also a member of the Hamilton County Dependency, Neglect, and Abuse Panel and represents parents in those proceedings.

If you need an attorney to assist with the defense of a minor, you may reach out to Aaren Meehan at 859-394-6200 or [email protected].


As part of the firm’s Litigation Practice Group, Aaren Meehan is experienced in all phases of litigation.  She counsels clients and individuals on routine matters, as well as complex litigation.  She guides the client through the various levels of the litigation process, from the initial filing of a lawsuit, through the discovery process, and ultimately trial.  She is experienced in both state courts in both Ohio and Kentucky.

If you need a litigation attorney, you may reach out to Aaren Meehan at 859-394-6200 or [email protected].

Being injured in an accident can have devastating effects on your life.  Aaren Meehan is an experienced personal injury attorney, practicing in both Kentucky and Ohio. As part of the firm’s Litigation Practice Group, Aaren understands client’s immediate medical needs and how to protect their interest during the claims process. Aaren is upfront and efficient. She can handle all of the legal aspects of your case, including negotiations with the insurance company, settlement, mediation and trial.

If you have been injured and require a personal injury lawyer in Ohio or Kentucky, Aaren Meehan is available to talk to you today. You may reach her at 859.394.6200, or by email at [email protected].

  • University of Louisville (2008)
  • University of Cincinnati (2009)
  • Salmon P. Chase College of Law (2014)
  • Commonwealth of Kentucky
  • State of Ohio
  • Kentucky Bar Association
  • Northern Kentucky Bar Association

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