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Municipal & Government Representation in Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

Governments face a variety of legal issues on a daily basis. They may have to defend themselves against liability or governmental tort claims or confirm that they are in compliance with state, local, and federal laws and regulations in order to function properly.

Whether governments need ongoing counsel with their everyday needs or they are facing legal action and need a government law lawyer to help them stand up for themselves, they can turn to Adams Law.

The government law attorneys at Adams Law have extensive experience with assisting municipalities throughout Kentucky with a variety of legal issues and challenges. We work with governments to guarantee they are following the law and they are serving the needs of their employees and the residents of their municipalities. Our government law lawyers have vigorously defended cities and counties throughout Kentucky, saving taxpayers money by getting results in court and solving problems that protect the best interests of the clients.

If you are a government leader and you are contending with a legal challenge, or you need help with governmental management, we are here for you. Learning about our practice areas will help you determine if we can be of assistance to you.

Adams Law’s Government Law Practice Areas

When it comes to government law, our team can help in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Serving as general counsel to public entities
  • Advising and representing Kentucky municipalities, along with police and fire departments against liability or governmental tort claims
  • Defending public entities in state and federal court
  • Assisting with civil rights claims, employment issues, allegations against law enforcement, and open records requests
  • Providing day-to-day advice and counsel to mayors, council members, and city attorneys on issues affecting the daily management of government
  • Offering help with Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and wage and hour disputes
  • Assisting with open records requests and open meeting laws affecting the municipality
  • Helping with taxation issues
  • Providing guidance on general regulatory compliance

If you do not see an issue you’re contending with on this list, you can always reach out to our government law lawyers to see if we can assist you.

How Governments May Need Help

Running a government is no easy task. There are many stakeholders involved, from the residents to the leaders to the employees. It is the government leaders’ responsibility to protect their citizens, ensuring that everyone can have a meaningful and productive life and thrive in their local communities.

That’s why governments must follow strict local, state, and federal laws and guarantee they are fully compliant with regulations. These regulations protect everybody and if they are not upheld, disastrous consequences could occur.

At the same time, governments do receive special protections so that they are not vulnerable to a constant slew of lawsuits. Governments may not be legally responsible for certain incidents that happen, which means that individuals cannot sue them left and right. Additionally, there may be a short time frame in which someone can sue a government, and if they do not do it in time, then the case cannot go through.

Governments are granted these protections so that they can continue to function and focus on their work as opposed to battling it out in court with every person who wishes to sue them. But in the instance that a government can be sued, it needs to have a good defense team of government law lawyers on its side.

Some lawsuits that could be brought against municipalities may involve personal injury claims, police brutality, and employment issues, just to name a few. For instance, a child may get injured while playing at a local park and then their parent could sue the government to cover their child’s medical bills and other damages. In another example, a person who was arrested may have believed that the police were too forceful when putting them in the squad car and could seek compensation for physical injury as well as pain and suffering. Or in another case, an employee could get injured at work and sue the government because they believed it did not provide proper protection.

These are just a few examples. Since a government is serving so many individuals at once, lawsuits and problems are bound to occur. However, with the Adams Law government law attorneys on their side, governments can have a proper defense against lawsuits and avoid future challenges down the line.

Working With Adams Law on Government Issues

If you’re a municipality leader and you’re seeking out representation and/or ongoing counsel, then the government law lawyers at Adams Law are here to serve you. For over 125 years, we have been serving not only governments, but also private businesses, individuals, and other entities to ensure they are functioning in the right way on a daily basis and they are not left vulnerable to lawsuits.

Our legal team at Adams Law is open and transparent, and every step of the way, we will be honest about your case. We will let you know what exactly we are doing to help you and what you can possibly expect so that there aren’t any surprises. Our government law lawyers are not interested in dragging out your case; instead, we will do our best to resolve it as quickly as possible so you can focus on running your municipality and tending to the needs of your residents and employees.

The government law lawyers at Adams Law are deeply committed to our communities. We represent governments because we believe that strong municipalities are better poised to protect and care for their citizens. Also, by helping governments, we are contributing to the improvement of our own neighborhoods. Along with providing legal assistance to governments, we donate to a wide variety of organizations that are empowering our local communities.

Whether you need day-to-day counsel or you’re facing a legal issue with your government, you can turn to the government law lawyers at Adams Law for help. We’re here to serve you. Contact us today.

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