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Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Government Lawyers

If you’re looking for a government practice attorney, the team of experienced attorneys at Adams Law is here.

We offer general counsel to various local governments in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati and assist with consulting, legal advice, representation, and litigation. Our attorneys have extensive experience working with cities, counties, school districts, and other local governments in every area of litigation in state and federal court systems. We are here to help our government clients with day-to-day needs or one-off issues that may arise.

Our attorneys take our commitment to serving the public sector very seriously. It’s how we not only ensure that the government runs smoothly but how we can also contribute to our local communities.

If you work in a government entity and need legal assistance, the bottom line is that we can help.

Our Government Practice Areas

Here at Adams Law, we work in a variety of government practice areas, including the following:

Policy Development

If you need help creating new policies or modifying outdated ones to reflect current realities, we can write and revise them for you.

Ramifications of Proposed Legislative or Administrative Actions

We assist governments with determining the consequences of legislative or administrative actions and what steps they can take to protect themselves.

Public Bidding and Procurement

When government entities need to purchase from private companies, we can help them with the transaction and assist them in deciding whether or not this is the best use of taxpayer money. Just like government entities, we want to confirm that taxpayer money is used in the most efficient way possible.

Drafting Revised Statutes and Proposed Legislation

When statues and legislation need modifications, we can revise those documents to ensure they are legal and fully compliant with the latest rules and regulations.

Drafting Ordinances, Regulations, and Interlocal Agreements

We governments work with one another, we can help them with creating ordinances, regulations, and agreements that are legally binding.

Drafting Real Estate Purchase Contracts, Easement Acquisitions, and Preparation

We create real estate documents and assist with the process of purchasing new real estate.

Property Acquisitions, Zoning, Condemnation, and Eminent Domain

When governments need help with securing new lands from private citizens, we can create the proper legal documents and ensure that the sales are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Student Rights

If students have issues in government-run schools, our team of school law lawyers will represent the government entity involved to handle the legal action.

Teacher Tenure

We create and negotiate documents on establishing teacher tenure in government-run schools. We can help determine whether or not a teacher is eligible for tenure and what happens if a teacher quits or is fired before their tenure is up.


We make sure that government workers are properly certified and can function in government settings without issue. If they are not certified and an issue occurs, we can help resolve it.

Employment Issues, including FMLA, ADA, and Wage and Hour Disputes

Our government practice attorneys are well versed in employment issues that may arise in government settings. We can help government entities be fully compliant with the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, ensuring that employees and the government sectors they work for are protected. If issues arise because a government entity has not been compliant, we can bring them up to standard. We can also help with wage and hour compliance and assist when employees allege that governments are not paying them their deserved wages or there are problems with their working hours.

Open Records and Open Meetings Law

We can determine what records and meetings must be made available to the public and how they should be made available. We can make it easy for citizens to access these records and gain information on the inner workings of their local governments.

Special Education Matters Arising Under Kentucky Administrative Regulations and IDEA

Government-run schools have an obligation to serve everybody, including students with disabilities who are entitled to a free public education through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Our school law lawyers will guarantee that schools are compliant with Kentucky Administrative Regulations as well.

Taxation and Creation of Nonprofit Foundations

When individuals want to establish new nonprofit foundations, we make sure they are compliant with government standards and are following tax law, which means they are exempt from federal income taxes, as stated in subsection 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)’ tax code.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA protects students’ educational records. If privacy breaches occur, we can assist with representing the government with such matters and coming up with solutions so that these breaches do not happen once again.

General Regulatory Compliance

There are many regulations and laws that government entities must follow in order to operate. We look into those laws and regulations and advise governments on how to ensure they are fully compliant. If they are not compliant, we point out which issues need to be solved and figure out solutions.

Cable Law and Cable Regulation

We can investigate if cable providers are compliant with government regulations and take legal action if they are not.

Franchise Negotiations

We are there to assist private franchises and government entities with working out deals that are fair to both parties.

Board Management Issues

When government boards need help with everyday issues they face, we can help resolve them.

Public Sector Litigation

We help clients in civil rights litigation, public and private school issues, and zoning and land use disputes. Our lawyers have been involved with numerous cases in the trial and appellate courts that addressed constitutional and statutory rights of public employees. We have also worked on cases defending the bargaining and political action rights of public sector labor organizations before state and federal courts and agencies.

With our public sector litigation, we can help public entities avoid lawsuits and advise them on everyday practices in employment and other areas. We keep them updated on the probable outcome of a case involving their school district, water utility, or police department. We work incredibly hard for our public sector clients because we are involved in our local communities and want to see them succeed.

If governments want to avoid litigation or need help defending themselves on a variety of issues, we are there to assist. We can respond to cases where government entities are defendants or bring about cases where they are plaintiffs and work hand in hand to discover the facts of the case and figure out desired goals.

How Our Experienced Attorneys Can Help

Our experienced public sector litigation attorneys are available to help a number of different government entities. For more than 125 years, we have been serving our clients in the private and public sectors. We are called upon for ongoing counsel, which is especially helpful to the public sector since it’s always dealing with new issues that come up.

At all times, governments need to follow strict regulations and guarantee that they are in full compliance with the law. If governments do not live up to these standards, they can be held liable because they are not upholding their duty to provide a valuable service to the public. Whether our attorneys are working with schools, boards, municipalities, counties, or any other type of government entity, we keep taxpayers’ needs at the forefront of our minds while helping governments reach their distinctive goals.

Adams Law attorneys can navigate the bureaucracy and red tape that come with government and bring about swift resolutions for one-off or ongoing issues that may arise. Our objective is to provide the highest level of client experience possible, which means we’re there for our clients in government whenever they need to call upon us for help.

Working with Our Government Legal Team

Adams Law is a full-service law firm that provides an excellent customer experience first and foremost. Our attorneys have wide-ranging experience in government matters, whether they’re dealing with a simple question about FMLA or helping with policy development, which can be a much more complicated undertaking.

We take the load off of government entities, which are already working hard for citizens in their communities and may not have the time or resources to dedicate to examining legalese and the right way of operating. Instead of spending precious limited time handling lawsuits and everyday concerns that come up, government entities can pass it on to our attorneys, who are ready and willing to deep dive into the many facets of an issue.

When government entities contact us, we will provide an initial consultation and ask what questions they have, what goals they wish to achieve, and how they think we can assist them. We come up with a plan of action that works for both parties. On our end, our objective is to get results and to solve problems in a manner that protects the rights, objectives, and the best interests of our government clients.

On a more personal note, we know that representing a public entity client is a public service. We gladly welcome the opportunity to give in a positive way to our community. Aside from helping government entities, we also contribute to local organizations and sponsor causes we believe improve our communities. Whether we’re inside or outside of our law firm, we’re looking to help out our local neighborhoods in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati and make them accommodating and welcoming places for every citizen.

If you are a government entity and you are interested in working with Adams Law, you can contact us at (859) 394-6200 or [email protected]. We’re located in Covington, so if you are searching for a municipal law lawyer in Covington or a Covington school law attorney among other needs, we are here to serve you. Reach out today to get started.

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