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Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Real Estate Lawyers

If you’re in search of a commercial real estate attorney in Kentucky or Ohio, then the team at Adams Law is here for you.

Commercial and residential real estate can be incredibly complicated, which is why we help both businesses and individuals with the purchasing and selling of real estate, along with many other facets of dealing with real estate.

Having a real estate attorney on your side can be extremely beneficial. They can explain the complex stages of the buying and selling process, ensure you and your assets are protected, guide you on future real estate transactions, and safeguard you from any issues that could potentially arise.

At Adams Law, our real estate lawyers can assist you with a number of different issues in the following areas.

Purchasing and Selling Property

Purchasing and selling commercial and residential properties come with their fair share of challenges.

For example, if you’re purchasing, how do you know you’re getting the best deal? Is there any way you can negotiate on the price? Are the documents that you are signing actually legal? How can you prepare your finances so that you can snag a low-interest rate as well as a great financing offer?

When it comes to selling, how do you prepare a property to ensure it will actually sell on the market? What steps do you have to take to get it ready so you can list it for a higher selling price? What kinds of inspections do you need to pay for?

Our real estate attorneys at Adams Law can answer all these questions and more. We can also help with services like:

  • Covering title opinions
  • Securing Kentucky and Ohio title insurance
  • Representing clients at closings and 1301 exchanges

If you are involved in a commercial real estate lawsuit, we are prepared to represent you in court and help you achieve your goals with a case. We can also guide you on local, state, and federal laws in Kentucky, Ohio, and the U.S. and help you determine whether or not your business can legally function. For example, if you wish to buy a property but it’s not zoned for commercial use, we can figure out how to find another property where you can run your business and avoid legal troubles.

There are so many challenges that could come up with residential and commercial real estate, and we are prepared to help with all of them. We can help you determine what makes sense financially for you, whether you’re an individual purchasing your first home or a commercial developer who is buying their tenth property.


Our real estate attorneys are specially equipped to deal with contracts, even if they are complicated.

We help with:

  • Purchase contracts
  • Land contracts
  • Lease with option purchases
  • Lease agreements
  • Leasing and subdivision declarations of covenants and restrictions

When handling purchase agreements, our real estate lawyers will ensure the agreements are fully in compliance with local, state, and federal laws. They will make sure the agreements include property descriptions, zoning provisions, the terms of the sale, including who is purchasing the property and who is selling it, closing dates, items that are going to be incorporated into the sale such as furniture, and the results of the inspections that occurred. Our real estate attorneys will carefully look over purchase agreements to ensure they are clear and straightforward, include all of the necessary information, and do not contain any provisions that could be detrimental to the buyer.

We will also look at land contracts, which will stipulate similar information as well as information specifically about the land. We can advise our clients on whether or not they’re making a risky move and how to proceed. For example, if we see that land is not zoned for commercial use, we could advise clients to back out of a deal. Another scenario that may arise is that the land may not be safe to build on because it’s in an area where natural disasters have occurred. We will conduct the proper research to make sure clients are getting the right arrangement needed and won’t have to contend with challenges down the line after the deal has already been sealed.

Though lease agreements are less risky than purchase agreements, there are still a number of issues that clients need to be aware of. This applies whether they are in a simple lease agreement or a lease with an option to purchase. Before agreeing to the terms of a lease, our real estate attorneys will look over leases to ensure that there are no hidden clauses or surprises. For example, a landlord may put in a stipulation that if the rent is one day late, they can fine you hundreds of dollars as a late fee. They may also request a huge security deposit that is not comparable to other security deposit amounts that landlords in the area are charging. We will let clients know if anything stands out so that when they’re at the end of their lease, they won’t have to deal with any legal problems.

Closing Representation

When you’re going into closing, you may think that all the work is done and that now, you just need to sign some documents before collecting the keys to your new property. This is not always the case.

The other party involved in the transaction may try to change something at the last minute and you may not notice it or know what to do. Some sudden surprises, like a less than stellar inspection, could come up and you may want to back out of a deal. Nothing is set in stone until you close, so we can help you exit before you close if there are unexpected circumstances that arise. We can also negotiate with the other party to ensure the closing actually happens.

We offer counsel for:

  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Mortgage lenders
  • First and second mortgage loan closings

Since you’re focused on buying or selling a property, we can handle all the legal work that goes into it.

Property Investment

Investing in real estate is a wonderful way to grow your portfolio and secure your financial future, whether you’re an individual or a business owner. Our real estate attorneys will look at how you can garner the most benefits out of an investment property deal as well as reduce your risks.

We offer services in:

  • Negotiations
  • Zoning matters
  • Tax consequences

We can look over contracts and negotiate with the seller to try and get you a more attractive deal. We will review all the information about the property and see if there are any red flags that would cause the property to go down in value, and then come up with a fairer purchase price for you.

Another area that we help with is zoning matters. You don’t want to pursue a property and then find out later that you can’t conduct business on it or build more properties on the land, for instance. We will see to it that the property you’re purchasing is zoned specifically for your needs.

There are many tax consequences you face when you purchase a property. We will advise you on how to reduce the amount of taxes you have to pay so that you can maximize your profits. For example, did you know that if you hold onto a property for less than a year and decide to sell it that your proceeds you receive from the sale are deemed short-term capital gains and taxed as income for that year? We can explain what all this means and help you determine the right financial move when buying or selling investment properties.


Our real estate attorneys are here to help you secure financing when purchasing a residential or commercial property. This is one of the first steps and the most important one when you’re deciding to purchase a property, and we can help you work out the details of a financing deal.

We also represent regional and community lending institutions that provide financing to real estate buyers and need counseling on business practices.


Throughout every step of the buying and selling process, our real estate attorneys are here to help. We can provide assistance with:

  • Title review
  • Insurance of the title
  • Closing services on site

We are always available to answer questions, whether you’re at the beginning, in the middle or near the end of the real estate buying and selling process.

Why Work with Adams Law?

Our real estate attorneys are experienced in a range of residential and commercial dealings. We provide one-on-one service and you can reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns. We are dedicated to our clients, providing the support they need so they can successfully negotiate and close on residential and commercial real estate deals. Contact us today to get started.

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