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When situations arise with your family, it can be incredibly stressful, emotional, and complicated. In some cases, it may feel like your whole world has been turned upside down, and now you need to do what’s best for you and your loved ones.

Unfortunately, you can’t always work out family issues on your own. Your loved ones may have differing ideas that you don’t agree with about what’s healthiest for the family. However, you don’t know where to turn or what to do to try and work out a solution.

If you aren’t sure what to do in your current situation, you can turn to the family law team at Adams Law for guidance. We’re here for you in your time of need, and we are going to be sensitive to your difficult circumstances. Our experienced lawyers are available to answer any and all your questions and help guide you on the best way to legally resolve your situation. Then, you and your family can hopefully move forward and into a brighter future ahead.

Why Do You Need a Family Law Attorney?

When dealing with family issues, a family law attorney will stand by you and advise you on how you can legally solve your problems. Right now, you need to emphasize your own self-care as well as look after any children or other loved ones who are involved. You don’t have the time or the energy to also take on the legal side of things. A family law attorney will be able to file any necessary paperwork for you, show up in court, and come up with legally binding resolutions to what you’re currently experiencing.

Additionally, your family law attorney will be able to think outside of the box and offer you solutions that you may not have known existed. Since they know the law inside and out, they can get creative and tell you about all of your available options.

If you don’t want to go to court or drag out cases for months or years on end, a family law attorney can offer mediation as a solution and hopefully avoid contentious situations. Above all, they will help you decide what is the best route for you and your family to take from here on out.

An experienced family law attorney will always be sensitive to your needs as well as open about what’s happening with the case. They will be there for you at your most vulnerable time and help you see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Our experienced family law lawyers at Adams Law can assist you with any of the following issues you may be dealing with at the moment.


When you first fell in love with your spouse, you believed that your marriage was going to last forever. However, somewhere down the line, things went awry. Or, perhaps you are still committed to your marriage, but your spouse wants to get a divorce. No matter what your situation, we can help you get through your divorce in an efficient manner and ensure you are protected throughout the process.

We can assist with mediation, filing your divorce papers, gathering records of your assets, applying for alimony and child support, looking into your prenup or postnup if you have one, and letting you know the guidelines for your divorce whether you’re in Kentucky or Ohio.

Each state has its own laws for divorce, so you’ll need to follow those laws in order to guarantee your divorce is actually valid. For example, both Kentucky and Ohio are equitable distribution states, where a court decides who gets what in a divorce. This is different from a community property state, where debts and assets are divided 50/50 between the spouses.

Our family law attorneys at Adams Law will explain all the laws to you so that we can get your divorce finalized as soon as possible. We’ll wrap up the divorce proceedings as quickly as we can because we know how emotionally draining this process can be. Then, when your divorce is finalized, you can move on and start to build a new life.

Child Custody

When you have a divorce where children are involved, the situation becomes more complicated. Be that as it may, our family law attorneys and the state family court will always make decisions based on what’s in the best interests of the child. This may mean a variety of solutions, such as one parent has full custody, the parents get joint custody, or one parent gets custody but the other has visitation rights.

Our child custody attorneys, as well as the court, will ask you what you think is the right situation for your children and weigh the practicalities. For example, if you have a stable home, you have a full-time job, you have the ability to care for your children and your home is near their school, that’s an ideal situation. If your ex-spouse does not have a stable home, struggles to find work and lives far away from the children’s school, the court may determine that you get custody unless your ex-spouse’s circumstances change.

Keep in mind that child custody can be modified at any time, so if you need help requesting a change or responding to a change from your ex-spouse, we are here for you.

Child Support

When one parent gets custody, the other may be required to pay child support. Again, the state family court will decide if one parent has to pay child support and, if so, how much that amount will be every month. Your ex-spouse may be obligated to pay it and if they don’t, they could face legal action.

Like child custody, child support can be modified at any time. For instance, if your ex-spouse loses their job and isn’t bringing in as much money, they can go to the court and put in an official request to lower their monthly payment. The child support will go towards covering your child’s everyday needs as well as any other expenses that may arise. If you receive child support, you also have the right to request more at any point.

Parental Rights

Parental rights apply to children’s biological parents, as well as their foster parents, adoptive parents or legal guardians. They consist of the right to have physical and legal custody of their children, be able to visit their children, make decisions for their children relating to their medical needs and education and give their children an inheritance.

States have different laws regarding parental rights and a court can terminate a parent’s rights if there is just cause to do so. Additionally, a parent can voluntarily terminate their rights at any point. For example, a stepparent who adopted their new spouse’s child may want to terminate their parental rights following a divorce, or a court could terminate a parent’s rights if that parent goes to prison or is abusive towards the child. Our lawyers can help with parental rights situations where courts wish to terminate them, or parents wish to terminate their own rights for various reasons.

Paternity Suits

Paternity suits determine who is the father of a child, specifically in order to garner financial support for the child. If a father denies that he is the father of a child, a mother can file a paternity lawsuit and the father must undergo a DNA test to see if he is indeed the father. If a mother denies that a man is the father, that man can file his own paternity lawsuit so that he can have a relationship with his child.

Whether you are the mother and you want to determine who the father is, or you believe you are the father and you’d like to find out if you have parental rights, our team at Adams Law can assist you.

Emancipation of Minors

Minors may want to emancipate from their parents and declare themselves adults because they believe that their relationship with their parents is unhealthy and perhaps even abusive. If this is the case, we can help them file a court order to emancipate before they turn 18.

Emancipation can usually occur only when you are able to prove that you’re able to live on your own. For example, perhaps you are married, you already have a job, you’ve found a place to live and your parents are harming you. The court will weigh all the factors in your situation to decide if you can be legally emancipated.

Domestic Violence

When one spouse or partner is being violent or abusive towards the other, then the victim can find legal support. Domestic violence doesn’t just include physical violence. Emotional abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, stalking and threats of violence are all forms of domestic violence. Our family law lawyers at Adams Law are here for you whether you want to file for divorce, get a restraining order, or take some other form of legal action against your spouse or partner in order to protect yourself and your children if you have any.

How the Family Law Attorneys at Adams Law Can Help

For more than 125 years, our team members at Adams Law have been serving individuals and families throughout Kentucky and Ohio with their family law issues. We know that you’re dealing with a lot at the moment, and we can take some of that off your hands so you can focus on healing. If you need a family law attorney, we are available to assist you and help you figure out the solutions needed for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more.

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