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Adams Stepner Attorneys Donald L. Stepner and Edward L. Metzger III Secure Summary Judgment for Golf Course

On November 8, 2011, attorneys Donald L. Stepner and Edward L. Metzger III obtained summary judgment on behalf of Rio Cuestas Golf, LLC, in a tort dispute before the Campbell Circuit Court. The case, Espelage-Scaggs v. Rio Cuestas Golf, LLC, d/b/a Hickory Sticks Golf Course, Case No. 10-CI-001313, involved a golf course patron who claimed to have slipped and fell on an asphalt walkway leading to the Hickory Sticks Golf Course. Her chief allegation was that the golf course had breached the standard of care owed to a business invitee. In moving for summary judgment, Mr. Stepner and Mr. Metzger argued that it was undisputed that Hickory Sticks had maintained the walkway in a reasonably safe condition and that it was well maintained, clear of any loose gravel or asphalt. The Court agreed, specifically finding that the walkway was not inherently dangerous, that any condition that the plaintiff may have encountered on the walkway was open and obvious, and that the plaintiff nevertheless chose to proceed down the walkway of her own accord. For these reasons, summary judgment was granted in favor of Hickory Sticks.

By Donald L. Stepner and Edward L. Metzger

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