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Lee Metzger Appointed to KBA Budget & Finance Committee

The President-Elect of the Kentucky Bar Association has appointed ASWD Partner Lee Metzger to the 2019-2020 KBA Budget & Finance Committee.  Under the Rules of the Supreme Court of Kentucky, the KBA’s annual budget must be prepared by a committee composed of the KBA President-Elect, the KBA Vice-President, two members of the Board of Governors, a member of the Inquiry Commission, a member of the Continuing Legal Education Commission, a member of the IOLTA Trustees, a member of the Clients’ Security Fund Trustees, the Executive Director of the KBA, and two at-large members of the KBA appointed by the President-Elect.  SCR 3.120(2).

In other words, out of the thousands of lawyers in Kentucky, Mr. Metzger was one of only two who were chosen for an at-large spot on the Budget & Finance Committee.  This committee is responsible for putting together the yearly budget that the Board of Governors submits to the Supreme Court for review.  Upon approval by the Supreme Court, the budget will govern the fiscal operations of the Kentucky Bar Association for 2019-2020 bar year.

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