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ASWD Brings Christmas Cheer to Local Third Graders

Christmas lights twinkled and the smell of sugar cookies filled the air on December 14th as ASWD hosted a Christmas party for Ms. Hahn’s 3rd Grade Class at Covington’s John G. Carlisle Elementary School as part of the Adopt-A-Class program.  After exchanging letters since the school year began, ASWD employees and their 3rd grade partners finally had the opportunity to meet and celebrate the Christmas season together over a homemade pot-luck lunch prepared by ASWD.  Entertainment was provided by Firm client Circus Mojo, who taught both children and adults that they too can learn to juggle like a circus clown.  After sharing lots of food, laughs, and Christmas memories, each child left the party with a Christmas present from their ASWD partner, and each adult left with a renewed appreciation for what its like to spend Christmas as a child.

By Jessica B. Rawe

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