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Adams Stepner Member Presents at Kentucky Defense Counsel, Inc. Spring Seminar

Member, Claire E. Parsons, presented an ethics seminar on March 15th for Kentucky Defense Counsel, Inc at its Spring Seminar. Ms. Parsons’ seminar, entitled “Mindfulness Tools for Ethical Lawyers” was intended to introduce lawyers to mindfulness practices that can enhance their practices, lives, and help them comply with their ethical duties as attorneys. In the seminar, Ms. Parsons explored various ethical obligations for attorneys, as well as impediments to complying with them. She then discussed the scientific studies which make mindfulness meditation an effective option for addressing common problems for lawyers, such as stress, lack of time, and competing obligations to work, family, and life. Finally, Ms. Parsons led her fellow attorneys through a variety of meditation practices that they could use to develop a practice of their own. Ms. Parsons has been meditating the last six years and has experienced how the practice has benefitted her practice and life. She enjoys opportunities to help other lawyers learn new ways to take care of themselves so that they can serve their clients to the best of their abilities. She is President-Elect of the Kentucky Defense Counsel, Inc. and a member of its national affiliate, DRI, where she serves on the DRI for Life Committee to promote wellness for member attorneys. She has written and spoken about work-life balance and meditation for Ms. JD, DRI, the Kentucky Bar Association, and the Northern Kentucky Chamber previously.

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