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Adams Stepner Attorney Olivia Amlung recently published in Common Defense magazine

Adams Stepner Associate Attorney, Olivia Amlung, was recently published in the Kentucky Defense Counsel’s spring/summer edition of Common Defense magazine. Common Defense is circulated state-wide to various attorneys practicing primarily in civil defense.  Her article, Biometrics and the Constitution: Exploring How the Development of Technology Impacts our Civil Liberties, evaluates how features such as FaceID and TouchID can impact the civil liberties that we have under the Constitution. These features purport to make your phones and technology more secure, but these features have inadvertently created a complex legal question regarding when law enforcement can force you to provide access.  In her article, Ms. Amlung analyzes the current state of the law and the numerous legal questions that the commonplace implementation of biometric technology has raised.

Read the full article here.

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