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Adams Stepner attorney, Olivia Amlung, publishes article on vaccinations and school law in For the Defense, the nationally-circulated publication of DRI

Olivia F. Amlung, an associate in Adam Stepner’s Government Practice and Civil Litigation practice groups, published an article in the June, 2019 issue of For the Defense, a national publication of the Defense Research Institute (“DRI”).  The article, entitled “Religion and Vaccination in Schools,” evaluates the delicate balance between individual religious freedom and protection of the general welfare in the public school setting.  Over the past few years, the US has seen a spike in vaccine-preventable illness due largely in part to the growing number of parents declining to vaccinate their school-age children. As a result, school districts across the country have been forced to confront precarious situations when policing their respective state laws regarding exemptions in an effort to prevent an outbreak. Ms. Amlung’s article reviews the current state of the law on vaccination exemptions, evaluates the legal precedent which affects the powers of school districts to combat outbreaks, and offers helpful tips for school districts to navigate the growing minefield that surrounds vaccination exemptions in public schools.

A full copy of the published text can be found here.

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